Data Hub

The Asia Insurance DataHub provides hard core data on each of the insurance entities in Asia – backed by insights and intelligence from our team of journalists that allows insurance companies, brokers, bankers, asset managers and advisers who focus on the insurance sector to plan, budget and forecast.


  • The detail page features company’s line of business, financial information, and key personnel
  • Listing of the past 12 months of related articles to each company like insights, news, press releases, interviews, videos
  • Access to the past 10 years’ premium information, turnover, share register, market cap, debt, extracts of annual report.


Compare financial information (e.g. gross premium, total assets, investment income, etc ) for various companies and countries in the database archives.


Compare financial information within countries and the region in the database archives. These includes the projection of top companies and industries of a specific country and the region.

Access to four quarterly in-depth exclusive reports ON THE INDUSTRY

Each report focuses on a specific niche within the APAC insurance sector. These range from wide-ranging sector overviews to analyses of the growth of a specific line of business within a defined territory

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4.Datahub - Ranking
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